Ghana School Stories

It is often said that your school days carry the best moments of your life. I spent the first 9 years of my education at a Pentecostal preparatory school in Ghana. These are some the stories that made it the funniest period of my life to date.

Last days are dangerous

The last days of the school term were always exciting but could also be dangerous. The end of term exams had been completed and the results were finally in. School as we know it was virtually over for another term. All that's left now is for the teachers to complete their admin and the students to well... do nothing. No wonder people got hurt. Continue Reading

The evolution of the Pentecostal school meat pie

Being a middle class family in Ghana meant although my parents could afford to send me to a prep school, my pocket money only covered my primary food needs. However in my drive to make my money extend beyond its means, I had created a pastry revolution. Continue Reading

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