Posts published in August 2012

From Wrocław with love

Despite the tiredness, we all decided to go out and see what Wroclaw had to offer for the night. A fat meal and Karaoke session later, I couldn't wait to go back to bed. Continue Reading

The leaning tower of Zabkowice

After a day in poznan, we continued on our trip to Wroclaw. However, our plans change and we end up having to conquer any fear of heights and visiting an evil doctor's house. Continue Reading

A city renaissance

After spending most of our time so far at camp. We were heading back to Poznan. Even better still, we would be travelling to Wrocław the following day. The overnight stay meant we had the opportunity to briefly sample the night life in Poznan. Continue Reading

The middle of nowhere

Despite initial teething problems with flights and immigration, the remaining touring group had arrived in Poland; And after our weekend stint in Poznan, we were finally ready to start the program. Continue Reading

A weekend in Poznan

Poland was not on my list of places to visit. It had not even crossed my mind once. It didn't strike me as a touristy place or a place black people will even want to visit. However my ignorance was quickly dashed after spending the first weekend in Poznan. Continue Reading

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